Lunt 60mm and bino Denkmeier with Newtonian lens

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Lunt 60mm and bino Denkmeier with Newtonian lens

Post by Marcello » Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:03 pm

After several try to get the focus with the Lunt 60mm and the bino Denkmeier, I got it with this configuration:

BF + adapter T2-M48 (removing the 1.25'' holder) + Denkmeier Newtonian lens (without the extra piece) + 2'' nose + bino + 20mm Plossl

You see I have the focuser almost completely in, and there was no way to use the power switch indeed.
Actually the 2'' nose is useless here and it spends focus space, but I miss a short adapter.
I know that there is a a specific Denkmeier lens for Lunt, but I don't have it.

Anyone of you have similar experience?
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