Is anyone using a acA2040-90uc (Basler Ace w/ CMV4000 chip)

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The Sun?
The Sun?
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Is anyone using a acA2040-90uc (Basler Ace w/ CMV4000 chip)

Post by Twopecker » Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:41 pm

Hey All -

Long time solar observer, part time imager, coming off a 3 year viewing/imaging break after becoming a nomad for a while. I tracked down a Lunt 80 double stack and have enjoyed viewing the sun again, but the imaging itch is getting me again. Its pretty impressive what has changed in the 3 years since I left w/ cameras. A few years back it was heresy to say that a CMOS was a great imaging they're all the rage. I previously had a Basler camera w/ the ICX445 chip in it. Great camera, was very pleased with it and my Lunt 60 SS


Looking for something to go w/ the Lunt 80 and have a few options. First is something w/ the CMV4000 chip. I believe that was just starting to come into its own when I was imaging. I can't find much on it these days though. Is it generally used anymore?

Also looking at the PGR Grasshopper 3 w/ the 674 chip. I really can't find anything wrong with it...other than the price. Technically, yes, I can afford it, but its awfully painful plopping $2k down on a special use camera for me.

Finally, the couple of CMOS 174 chip cameras (QHY and ZWO) are intriguing. It seems a relatively cheap way to get back into the imaging hobby.

Any thoughts from current users out there? Anything else you would like to share about how the hobby has changed in the last few years?

Thanks in advance!

christian viladrich
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Re: Is anyone using a acA2040-90uc (Basler Ace w/ CMV4000 ch

Post by christian viladrich » Sun Mar 13, 2016 6:32 am

I have an ids3370 with the same CMOSIS4000 sensor. To make a long story short, the plus side is the 2000x2000 pixels, the downside is FPN which is really difficult to remove. This is not an issue for most type of imaging, except if you are looking for faint prominences.
I also have a basler 1920-155 with a IMX 174. This one is a killer for solar imaging : best S/N, best dynamic, best fps, very limited FPN. But you might have more interference fringes in Ha. This can be solved by a tilt mount for thecamera.
Hope this helphs
Christian Viladrich
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Re: Is anyone using a acA2040-90uc (Basler Ace w/ CMV4000 ch

Post by Carbon60 » Sun Mar 13, 2016 7:49 am

Welcome to SolarChat. I endorse Christian's comments about the Basler acA1920-155um camera. This is what I use and find it to be an excellent choice, although you'll no doubt get a plethora of opinions as we all have our favourites...... :)

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