Baader planetarium double polarizer

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Baader planetarium double polarizer

Post by TheSkyBurner » Sun Sep 30, 2018 3:42 pm

Although this product is very high quality and performs extremely well at all wavelengths, the device has a defect in the rotational cell which causes great sag and tilt at the ccd sensor.

I would higly recommend this product, if it were not for the sag caused by adding a ccd sensor to the 1.25” adapter.

I have notified baader planetarium support of the product defect.

If can only be used inside of its own 1.25” eyepiece holder seperate from the ccd nosepiece. At this point you cannot control the rotation to adjust intensity .

As a result of this defect i have returned the product, i believe it is a widespread issue and not just a single occurance.

Again this polarizer would of been a keeper if it didnt cause so much sagging at the sensor.

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