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Lunt CaK module vs. refractor baffles

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 6:44 am
by GreatAttractor
I'm thinking of dipping my toes into CaK imaging using a Lunt CaK diagonal. One of the telescopes used would be my Celestron 90/660 mm achromat, without an additional ERF. It has a few internal baffles (blackened) - should I be concerned?

- when pointing the 'frac at the solar limb, the light cone could be hitting the baffles on the opposite side
- even without that, the baffles will just heat up and cause tube currents (it's a closed OTA)

I thought I could maybe whiten their front-facing sides (but won't it decrease contrast for non-solar uses?), or just remove them and flock the inside of the OTA (I still have some black velour) - though this could be again heating up from indirect illumination...