Lunt Ca-K B1800 module in focuser?

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Lunt Ca-K B1800 module in focuser?

Post by Stardust5858 »

Hi all, I came across a problem today with the Lunt CA-K module wedge. On my revelation 80ed the focuser has a tiny lip inside preventing the lunt module to only go in 50mm. Is it safe to use like this as it's not fully in if it reaches focus?

I used my 70mm Stellaview today which enables the module to go fully in.

Appreciate any thoughts.


10ft x 6ft Solar RoR with Warm Room
Lunt 60mm Double Stack HA
80ed WL+ Lunt Hershal Wedge + Badder K-Line filter.
100mm AR + Lunt b1800 Ca-K module.
Neq6 Eq Mount.

2.7m Pulsar Dome.
11in Celestron SCT + White Light Filter.
70mm AR Stellavue.
12inch OO Newtonian.
Nec6 Eq Mount.
Way More Fun to Share It!!
Way More Fun to Share It!!
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Re: Lunt Ca-K B1800 module in focuser?


Hi Nigella, I would have thought, that if the module locks in with the thumbscrew tightened, then that should be okay and when available-weather, see if focus is achieved, both with EP and Camera. 50mm/2" seems quite away-in... I can't see any safety issue thru the CaK module that way.

From what you describe, it is likely that the scopes draw-tube just won't need to travel-in as far as one might expect to be in focus...

I hope all is well there and no doubt you will show us - all is well.


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Re: Lunt Ca-K B1800 module in focuser?

Post by marktownley »

Yeah it's fine!

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