Some solar bits available for less......

VENDORS WELCOME! Please, only solar equipment.
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Some solar bits available for less......

Post by Astrograph » Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:04 am

Dear All,

I have a customer wishing to upgrade his current solar setup for something bigger. As such they are selling their existing equipment to fund the upgrade. The prices quoted are I think fair as the equipment is all in A1 / as new condition which I can vouch for. This is a private sale so anyone interested would deal with the customer directly.

Baader 160mm D-ERF / ERF Cell to fit dew shield with 186mm Diameter (Normal Price £1199) - £950 ONO
Beloptik 3.75x Custom Telecentric (Normal Price £399) - £280 ONO
APM 152/1200 ED Doublet with Starlight Instruments FT3035 Focuser and test report (see attached) (Normal Price £3599) - £2750 ONO

Everything was supplied by us. The ERF loses 10mm when inserted in the cell. The custom telecentric then provides an exact F30 focal ratio. The customer has been delighted with the system and uses it mainly with Binoviewers. They are now looking for an increase in aperture.

The Cell for the D-ERF fits dew shields of 186mm. This will fit the APM 152ED Doublet, APM 140 Doublet and all the United Optics based 152 Achromats out there (Tecnosky, Altair Astro, TS, Lyra etc, etc)

The Custom telecentric has T2 fittings.

The APM 152ED is an excellent example and has a test certificate. There are also some star test images for this. A better one you are unlikely to find.

All the equipment was purchased 1 year ago. We will transfer the warranty for the scope. This provides a 1 year manufacturers warranty on optics and mechanics and 3 additional years on anything else non optical.

Feel free to ask me any questions or express an interest and I will put you in touch with the customer directly
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Re: Some solar bits available for less......

Post by marktownley » Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:18 pm

Sounds nice and good price!
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