LS50 For Sale...Sold

VENDORS WELCOME! Please, only solar equipment.
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Way More Fun to Share It!!
Way More Fun to Share It!!
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LS50 For Sale...Sold

Post by MapleRidge » Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:02 pm

Hello everyone...

Note...this is te LS50FHa etalon only,with no blocking filter. Suitable to DS a scope like the LS60, or buy a blocking filter to complete the system to adapt a scope to Ha work.

I need to clear out a number of little used items in the observatories, and one of the items is my Lunt LS50FHa etalon. This filter is in very good condition, and will be shipped with the threaded caps for the front and rear and the carry case as well.

I posted it on Astromart today, and if anyone here is interested let me know...maybe we can do a bit better price among friends. I will ship internationally...will have to look at a cost share on freight/PayPal if needed.

I also have a QHY-8L colour CCD camera that needs a home...just in case anyone has interest.

Brian Colville

Maple Ridge Observatory

Cambray, ON Canada


Re: LS50 For Sale

Post by kstrauss » Fri Dec 07, 2012 3:11 am

What is the price? I believe that we met at the recent Peterborough meeting.

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