Andy Lunt signed extremely customized LS100/LS100F doublestacked scope for sale

VENDORS WELCOME! Please, only solar equipment.
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Andy Lunt signed extremely customized LS100/LS100F doublestacked scope for sale

Post by solarchat » Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:38 pm

I have been given the opportunity to purchase 2 more original David Lunt era doublestacked
I have decided to offer my one of a kind LS100/LS100F doublestacked scope for sale.

Here are the details:
**2010 Lunt LS100 THa dedicated solar scope pressure tuned

**doublet objective in red cell

** Televue solfinder

**Feather Touch focuser

**B1800 blocking filter (can be used on any Lunt H-Alpha scope)

**B3400 custom interchangeable 2 inch blocking filter with 2 inch diagonal (can be used on any H-Alpha scope)

**removable OTA section with 2 different size inserts longer or shorter focal lengthe for massive infocus

**autographed by Andy Lunt himself

**screw on adaptor to attach a Coronado SM90 etalon for the patented Lunt-a-nado

**screw on adaptors to attach the external LS100F to either a 127mm or 102mm Explore Scientific refractor

**screw on adaptor to attach a Coronado SM90 on to the LS100F for double stacking on your refractor.
** standard Lunt clamshell and Vixen or Losmandy style dovetail rail

**MASSIVE new Lunt hard shell upgraded case capable of carrying two scopes.

**3 years left on 5 year warranty and I personally guarantee your satisfaction

**all paperwork included

This scope retails for just under $12,000 (and a 6-8 month wait) without the additional custom B3400 or any of the OTA inserts and etalon adaptors

this scope has been used sparingly in my outreach but never dropped or damaged. It has a few nicks on it but works perfectly and is an EXTREMELY good speciman of this scope. It was hand assembled specifically for my outreach program needs...

I will sell the scope in one of three ways only (I will not split up the etalons)

as described W/EVERYTHING $10,900 US ---FREE SHIPPING IN conus---

as described without B1800 $9699 ---BUYER PAYS SHIPPING/INS---

as described without B3400 $9000 ---BUYER PAYS SHIPPING/INS-

with standard very beat up smaller Lunt case---subtract $250

pictured on the upper mount of this setup-requires a CGEM or higher mount

Stephen W. Ramsden
Atlanta, GA USA
Founder/Director Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project

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Way More Fun to Share It!!
Way More Fun to Share It!!
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Re: Andy Lunt signed extremely customized LS100/LS100F doublestacked scope for sale

Post by swisswalter » Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:52 pm

Hi Stephen

thank you very much . Great stuff, great price. I'm not hungry at the moment ;-)
Only stardust in the wind, some fine and some less fine scopes, filters and adapters as well. Switzerland 47 N, 9 E, in the heart of EUROPE :)

from 7 am - 7 pm

from 7.01 pm - 6.59 am some times vice versa ;)

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