These are the other sites that are maintained through my nonprofit. I hope they are useful to you as you explore the Sun with me..:)
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Post by solarchat » Tue Oct 11, 2011 3:52 pm

I started as an aid in answering the hundreds of questions aout this exciting new hobby that come up so often.
I am no expert in anyuthing mechanical but I do like to use my good ole boy... Southern gi8ve a laymens perspective on the equipment.

I purchase everything that I review and do not get any freebies from anyone so I understand the total experience as a consumer.

I hope you will visit the site and read some of the equipment reviews before you buy.

I recieve nothing for doing these reviews and the cost of running the site and doing the reviews is borne by the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project. Please consider helping with your tax free donations...
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