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TS Deluxe Alt-Az Mount

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:19 pm
by pedro

1- TS SkyView Deluxe Altitude-Azimuth (Alt-Az) Mount with slow motion controls and adjustable height tripod
2- Very versatile high performance mount; suitable for astronomers, photographers, and nature observers alike
3- Coarse motion (friction bearing) and 360-deg slow motion controls (worm gears) on both axes
4- Standard Vixen/Synta-style dovetail head allows attachment of a wide variety of telescopes
5- Aluminum field tripod allows adjustment from 33.5" to 47.75"
6- Ideal for small or medium telescopes; load capacity is up to 20 lbs
7- Mount arm can be oriented vertically or at a 45-deg angle on either side
8- Light-weight (13.75lbs / 6.3kg) and relatively short collapsed length - 31" (79cm) tripod and 25" (63cm) mount head - make this a great mount for traveling

The TS SkyView Deluxe Mount is an exceptionally well-made and stable mount. It is suitable for for astronomers, photographers, and nature observers for terrestrial viewing or visual astronomy. The all-metal TS SkyView Deluxe can hold substantial optical tubes weighing up to 20 pounds (9kg), and there is no need for heavy counterweights to balance a heavy tube. No complex polar alignment is needed to start observing. Use the Vixen-style dovetail to easily and securely attach your telescope and start viewing.

The mount's altitude arm holding your scope can be set to vertical or to 45° (left or right tilt). This allows positioning the azimuth control knob on either the right or left hand side of the mount to suit. The vertical position works well for short telescopes, spotting scopes, and cameras. The 45° inclined position is perfect for longer tubes that need additional clearance to clear the mount base when pointed at or close to the zenith. The mount comes with one slow-motion control knob on the azimuth axis and one 8.25" flexible control cable on the altitude axis, although you can interchange these.

Fast Manual Slewing

The TS SkyView Deluxe mount has a dual friction clutch system that lets you quickly point a scope towards a target and then track it in any direction with the smooth 120-tooth worm gear 360 degree slow-motion controls. There is no need to undo clutches to aim your scope as you would have to do when conventional slow motion controls run out of travel before reaching your target. Simply push the scope to aim it at another part of the sky. The friction clutches will disengage and the scope can move freely 360 degrees in any direction. When on or near your target, the slow motion control knobs let you center the object precisely and manually track it accurately as it moves. Friction adjustment knobs are provided to adjust the tension on the manual slewing motion of the scope to accommodate different telescope weights.

The TS SkyView Deluxe mount has a standard Vixen dovetail mounting slot. You will need to supply your own dovetail plate to mount your optical tube on the TS SkyView Deluxe.

Versatile Tripod

The adjustable height, two-section aluminum tripod legs have pointed tips for a solid stand on soft terrain such as dirt or grass. All fittings on the legs are aluminum. The length of the legs can be adjusted to set the height of the dovetail slot in the mounting plate between 33.5" and 47.75" high. This lets you choose the most comfortable observing position.
The locking knobs of the tripod legs are placed on the inside of the legs, so they can't snag anything while working in the dark. The tripod head has a built-in bubble level to help you get the best tracking accuracy. A folding spreader bar holds the aluminum legs firmly open, but lets them be closed quickly for transport when you're finished observing by simply lifting up on center of the spreader bar assembly. The spreader bar can accept optional accessory trays. A set of tools (4mm and 6mm hex head wrenches for the altitude arm and control knobs and a triangular flat metal key for the friction adjustment knobs) are supplied with the mount.

The complete TS SkyView Deluxe mount and tripod assembly weighs only 13.6 lbs (6.2kg), yet has a 20 pound payload capacity, more than many other alt-azimuth mounts. Its relatively short collapsed length - 31" (79cm) tripod and 25" (63cm) mount head - make this a great mount for traveling.

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Re: TS Deluxe Alt-Az Mount

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:17 am
by marktownley
It looks a nice mount Pedro!

Re: TS Deluxe Alt-Az Mount

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:42 am
by pedro
It is a great mount for casual observation and outreach sessions.

I prefer the SolarQuest mount though (somewhat more expensive but with automatic solar go-to tracking - Heliofind)