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Re: Best surface contrast I have ever seen

Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 3:48 am
by Valery
Ghost-Fire wrote:This is what kind of detail and illumination I would like to attain with my solar telescope!

The DISK contrast on this video is incredible! ... 140316.m1v
This is post processed movie. If you like such a contrast visually, buy two 100mm <0,6A objective mounted filters from Solar Scope, adjust them properly and use a very good blocking filter (narrow enough, but brightest possible, just like my Coronado BF10).

I got two PST etalons with estimated bandwidth of <0,3A and I tried them on a PST post-mod scope. Fantastic contrast.

I also tried a Quark with estimated bandwidth of <0,4A on a scope equipped with 60mm SM60 Coronado filter. The contrast is shocking too.