Quick forum manners note.

this is the main message area for anything solar :)
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Quick forum manners note.

Post by solarchat »

Hey guys.

This forum has long established a reputation for being open and friendly to newcomers. I wish to keep it that way so here is a reminder.

This forum was created solely to encourage people to enter into solar astronomy , imaging and outreach. It has evolved into what it is with the many facets it offers thanks to people like the late Walter Koch, everyone's friend Mark Townley, Alexandra and the Hubby and our great spectrograph and magnetometer guys. I hate to be blunt but anyone who knows me has learned that I don't beat around the bush. if you are here to brag about your images or to tell everyone else how you are right about everything and they are wrong, please leave the forum, we don't want that here.

We want to be extra inviting to anyone with questions about how to do what we do. There is nothing hard about this hobby and there is always someone out there who takes better images or has a bigger scope, etc... Im much more interested in a totally new person's take on the hobby than I am at listening to someone go on and on about themselves. There are plenty of other forums where you can be snarky and uninviting.

Please keep that in mind when we have a new member. Everyone has something to offer and you can learn from everyone on this forum.

Thank you..

Stephen Ramsden

Stephen W. Ramsden
Atlanta, GA USA
Founder/Director Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project
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