Question: Which reducer do you recommend?

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Question: Which reducer do you recommend?

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Hi Everyone:

I am struggling trying to find a quality reducer, and one that can thread into my Daystar Quantum filter, Rowan tilt adapter or CCD, depending on the order I wish to mount it (I don't think it makes a difference as long as it is after the Quantum filter). I am using a 127mm refractor. I need the reducer to effectively use the ZWO ASI178MM.

In fact, I have two reducers now: the Antares FR2 0.5X and another Antares 0.5X focal reducer. One seems to have a 1 1/4" thread and the other a 2" thread. But the 1 1/4" threaded section is way undersized and will not engage a standard 1.25" thread. I am likewise having problems threading the 2" one which seems oversized. Also, these are low-end reducers as far as quality is concerned and I would not like to compromise in this fashion.

I don't know if this is helpful, but the output side of the Quantum is a Female T-thread. I have a separate Male T-thread to screw in to the tilt adapter, which also has a female.

Anyways, any suggestions would be appreciated.



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