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Please support our forum and nonprofit

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Okay so, the fundraiser is going very slow. 35 very much appreciated donations from over 15,000 FB friends and solarchat users, not to mention the 720 people that have directly received goods and services for free from our program? ?? We have raised just under $5000 in the first week of a $35k goal.

I only do this once per year because I hate pestering people about donations and anyone that knows me knows that I would rather pay for everything myself. Unfortunately, the size of the program and my retirement 2 years ago forces me to get support from the ever smaller percentage of people out there that realize what is going on in the world and that science is the way forward for our species.

This money pays for the solarchat forum, all of our websites, US STEM activities in several states, Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo, the Tunisians, the Brazilians, the Americans, Canadians, the British, etc... all to be able to go out and provide the best STEM program on Earth to as many people as possible. The vast majority of the money provides equipment, shipping, insurance, customs and free glasses to people all over the world. There are no salaries, no waste and less than 5% admin costs over 10 years. You will not find a more efficient way to fund STEM in this country.

Dig deep and let's show the world that we are doing something. Use the PayPal link on or send the PayPal directly to
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Stephen W. Ramsden
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