An open letter to all solarchaters.

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Way More Fun to Share It!!
Way More Fun to Share It!!
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An open letter to all solarchaters.

Post by Valery » Tue Sep 04, 2018 2:22 am

marktownley wrote:
Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:45 pm

Valery, Apollo, please stop the flaming with each other too. This is a great thread that I don't want to be spoiled through unnecessary personal banter! Thanks guys :)

Dear Mark, dear solarchaters

We all remember well, here, at this forum, we have never been enemies and we all kept our good relations helping each other in porgress in the solar imaging. There were no flame threads, no flame posts. At least I do not remember any of them here only a wonderful friendly atmosphere.

All were OK until Apollo Lasky jumped in here with attempt to sell his newest (as he has described) achievement - a 1nm 90% transmission filter (for a $1K or higher) telling us that this filter will surely bested other filters available from other manufacturers. Some our most reputable and experienced solarchaters (Frederic Jaber, Christian Viladrich and few others) merely tried to explain him that such a wide single cavity filter will not work as he tried to tell us. In the response for the help, they received posts with barely concealed accusations that these are attacks against his product.
Seeing that his product will not be sold here, he stated that the filter has been sold yet and then unsubscribed from here. I can show all what he said about all these guys, who tried to help him to understand that such a filter is not suitable for solar imaging at ultranarrow band. But I will not do. I know well now what he can say in answer for a help. I spent a fair amount of time in correspondence with him to help him to understand what kind of a filter may be suitable for the ultra narrow band imaging. I also promised him to test such a filter (if it will be finally created) on my telescopes and promote it in such a way. Then he asked me to list all the basic requirements for such a filter - so he will be able to show these requirements to the manufacturer.
Soon after he jumped in here again under a "SkyBurner" nickname (mythical Paul). And immediately started bashing different ERF filters buring them at the focus of his telescope telling also he is working about a new breakthrough ERF filter.
At the same time he started to flame my and other's full size ERFs. Now more - he continue to flame out the necessity of the full size DERF telling a complete nonsense that his filter will work fine with an energy eater - Astrosolar film! This is an intendent misleading of all less knowelegeable peoples in attempts to make his CHROMA filters a magical trump and a free ticket to a ultranarrowband imaging for a cheap.

Apollo see well my hidden polite sarcasm about his noncenses. May be he think I will quietly and calmly tolerate his attacks on me and on my products? I will not.

It was not me who started to make the solarchat atmosphere hostile, fighting for his product promoting. It was Apollo Lasky acting under wrong name (untill I pointed this out). So, please, don't ask me, Mark. Ask Apollo to stop negatively calling my name and my products as well as other manufacturers names and products - just like CN does. And ask him, please, to remove from his posts my name and my products direct and indired bushing. It will be quite useful to explain him also that busing others and other's product are not tolerated here. Thanks.

I am apologize if this letter bothered you and made you feel bad.

"Solar H alpha activity is the most dynamic and compelling thing you can see in a telescope, so spend accordingly." (c) Bob Yoesle.

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Re: An open letter to all solarchaters.

Post by marktownley » Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:26 pm

The letter has not bothered me at all and neither do I feel bad.

If either of you have issue with what each is saying you need to report the appropriate posts using the button on the relevant message within a thread. Its the little box with the ! in it to the left of the users name who posted the thread. This will be flagged to the moderating team who will then act accordingly as is seen fit - actions may or could vary from not acting, deleting posts, warning users or ultimately banning users. I would like to direct you both to the 'silly forum rules' we have here that I feel are a lot more lenient than many of the other forums that exist viewtopic.php?f=20&t=10520

I personally thoroughly enjoy both your contributions to this forum and would not like to see either of you or either of your posts not present here. You are both very clearly passionate about the subjects you discuss, however it might be more appropriate at times that some of your exchanges are kept to either personal message or email.

I'm going to take the unusual step of locking this thread now as I think i've been quite clear in where we are with this.
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