Sun spot

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The Sun?
The Sun?
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Sun spot

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Today i spotted my firs sun spot :D And that was a really great experience.

I tried to get some images , but my camera wouldn't Focus (canon 1000D) not sure why , but it could also be that i had the ISO on auto.
when i adjusted the image on the camera screen , it was crystal clear at some positions , before it went blurry.

I was using a solar wedge and a #58A filter on the eyepiece and uv/ir at the front.
All this on a 90 500 mm achromatic refractor.
I have a Baader cintinum filter on it's way.
I'm very new at this and have seen a lot of great pictures of white light solar an wonder a bit what kind of equipment and magnefication you are usunin.
Are some of you using Barlow lenses ?

I'd like to keep this within budget for the moment while learning , and then we will see :D
I'd like to use as much of my current equipment as possible.

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