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Solar Analemma. This outstanding image from Alexandra Hart taken over a period of 4 years charts the midday position of the sun in the sky throughout the year. The north–south component of the analemma results from the change in the Sun's declination due to the tilt of Earth's axis of rotation. The east–west component results from the nonuniform rate of change of the Sun's right ascension, governed by combined effects of Earth's axial tilt and orbital eccentricity.

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Moving forward from solar cycle 24 to 25

Sunday Sun 9th June-Ha 250mm RCT

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Way More Fun to Share It!!
Way More Fun to Share It!!
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Re: Sunday Sun 9th June-Ha 250mm RCT

Post by Montana » Thu Jun 13, 2019 7:09 am

Quite an improvement Stu :)


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