Coronado SME-60 DS and SMF-60 front etalon/tilters. The same thing?

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Coronado SME-60 DS and SMF-60 front etalon/tilters. The same thing?

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Can anyone here tell me if the SME-60 product that Coronado sell as a Double Stack front mount etalon/tilter as an add-on for the SMII 60 scope, is the same thing as the standalone front mount single stack 60mm Etalon/tilter they sell as product SMF-60 as a combo including a blocking filter to put on non-solar refractors.

I have an SMII 60 DS scope (which includes the SME-60 front etalon/tilter) and I have a 15mm diagonal/blocking filter. I would like to try (with a suitable attachment adapter) using the front mount DS (SME-60) etalon from my SMII 60 on two other non-solar refractors, of course also with the 15mm BF that I already have, but I am not sure if this will work or is safe to use, so I'm trying to work out if the SME-60 Double stack front mount etalon/tilter is the same unit as the etalon/tilt unit part of the SMF-60 standalone from mount etalon/bf combo.

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