Cal Sky founder and director request

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Cal Sky founder and director request

Post by solarchat » Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:56 am

Arnold is in the same boat as I am, no sponsors, etc...

No doubt his site is important to all of us as it is where we get the ISS transit times. I have re-upped my sponsorship and if you can help here is his email...

Dear CalSky user!

Some time ago you supported through sponsorship - I would like to thank you once more! This money helped cover some of the running costs of CalSky.

As a self-employed and sole operator of CalSky I would greatly appreciate receiving a new contribution from you. You'll make it possible to friends of astronomy from all around the world to enjoy even more unforgettable hours of captivating celestial observation thanks to CalSky. Tell your friends about CalSky and please contribute today - so that you can continue to enjoy using CalSky in the future.

For your sponsorship information, please click here:

If you have any questions please send me an e-mail.

Best regards
Arnold Barmettler,
Stephen W. Ramsden
Atlanta, GA USA
Founder/Director Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project

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