Tutorial: Full Disk Flattening -PS (Chris S.)

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Tutorial: Full Disk Flattening -PS (Chris S.)

Post by Merlin66 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:08 am

At the Link Below you will find a photoshop action you can use to take any sized full disk solar image, of any type and run this action to have adjustable disk flattening to remove gradients, limb darkening or any amount you wish. It is very sophisticated, and will run in Photoshop CS2 or later. I have tested it with image sizes from 640 wide and up and it works fine.

How to use it.

Install the action per your manual that came with photoshop. Open a full disk solar image, and run the action. After its done (the lens blur takes a while) you will have two layers in your layer pallette. It is currently set for 50% correction. Adjust the slider right or left for zero to 100 percent flattening correction of your gradient or limb darkening to suit. Here is an example with three settings, original -50% - 100%. Have fun and lets take care of all those gradients!

Thanks to Pedro and Mark for your input on this effort!


http://www.schursastrophotography.com/s ... DiskFF.atn

You might note that this does not work on grayscale images. You get an error message. If you change "image mode" to RGNB it works fine. My images are stacked from Y800 codec avis and produce 16 bit grayscale tiffs when saved.
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