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Software: Registax- AVIstack -AS!2 Comparison (Pedro)

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:26 am
by Merlin66
Autostakkert and Avistack win hands down. I tried to use the same parameters for each file.

Chris:You will find Autostakkert superior in two regards over avistack. One, the registration over the entire field is much better with far less blurry areas. Second the amount of noise in the final image stack for the same settings is tons better. I get a grainy mess when I set avistack to best 1% of 2000 images. Autostakkert is smooth and can take much more processing without the extra "granulation" so to speak...


Another test with 250 stacked images (out of 1000).

It does a great job really

My impressions so far are that Autostakkert is the best program for aligning and stacking (WL).