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Article on digital SHG

Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:01 am
by Merlin66
John Paladini recently published an article in the Westchester Amateur Astronomer's "SkyWatch" for April 2017.
Give a good overview of the history and background of the SHG as well as details on the construction of his digital SHG.
Just a few comments:
1. Fred Veio's "The Spectrohelioscope" booklet is reproduced with his approval in the Astronomical Spectroscopy forum files area.(Page5) ... copy/files
2. The arrow on the grating should be pointing towards the camera.(Page 9)
3. Wah!'s SLiM program is augmented by a great tutorial, but the Photoshop features he uses requires at least version CS5 (or later)(Page11)

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