Tutorial: GIF Animation Video

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Tutorial: GIF Animation Video

Post by marktownley » Thu Dec 20, 2012 7:33 am

Hi Folks,

As promised have put together a video tutorial on animations.

The first is using registax5 to extract individual frames from an avi file...


Secondly I show you how to make a GIF animation using data from the solar dynamics observatory movie of the day...


I'm going to do a third (but haven't had time yet!) showing how to do animation of say a plane / bird /ISS transit using actions in Photoshop.

Usual apologies apply - I only have photoshop CS4 in terms of software - but principals should apply across a range of software, secondly, I don't script these so if i'm 'ermmming' or babbling, then sorry.

Will get the third up in the days ahead, and will also have a go at putting together a tutorial for avistack - may even have a go with autostakkert too...

Hope they are of help, any requests please shout out!

Mark :)
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