baader planetarium 36mm unmounted filters

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baader planetarium 36mm unmounted filters

Post by TheSkyBurner » Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:04 pm

The baader planetarium 36mm filters are unmounted, but you can mount them incredibly easy.

example below.
First you need a filter cell,
This one works perfect. ... 2749.l2649

Remove the glass from the 37mm zeikos filter, pop in the 36mm baader planetarium filter and attach the double male 37-46 thread adapter, this leaves room for the glass to expand just like baader planetarium.

The double male coupling ring replaces the retainer ring flawlessly. ... 2749.l2649

Since there are now male 46mm threads you must attach a 48 to 46mm adapter. With these two filter rings you can now thread this component on a 2" nose piece or barrel as normal and save a few bux over the 48mm baader planetarium filters. ... xy2YtRra5b

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