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Pst mod

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 7:43 pm
by Sol seeker uk
Hi All, my first post so please be gentle.. I have a pst which I shall be modding at some stage..been in contact with merlin(ken) which he kindly sent me the details..( thankyou) Don't think I'm going to have the funds to go full stage 2 mod at the moment so thinking of getting a f10 70mm donor scope and doing a stage 1 while I save and collect the relevant parts for the stage 2..anyone done a stage 1 with a 70mm be kind enough to show their results please..
Also camera's.. Im using a Skyris 236 for planetary but can't get focus using it with the I going to have the same troubles using it stage 1 mod as I be using the black box? Sorry don't know the terminology of these things yet.. any help appreciated and thanks in advance