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Help me with my first mod

Posted: Sat Nov 07, 2020 1:06 am
by Gingerfish
Ok boys and girls, let's talk modding! :D

I'm planning to mod my Lunt 50 over the winter. Hey, you got to keep your mind busy in these covid times!

Seeing isn't fantastic where I live, so I'm thinking a 80-100mm mod. At this aperture, I seem to get away with just using an internal 2" IR/UV cut filter? I have both the Baader 7nm and 35nm H-alpha filter, if that is better/makes any difference.

OK, let's talk focal ratio. How close do I have to be to F7? I have seen people using F5-F10 without much trouble. I already own a Esprit 80/F5 apo, so it would be nice to be able to use that (can a triplet be damaged by heat?)!

Going from a 80mm F7 to a 102mm F7 means a "big" jump in size and bulk. So then part of me is going; "go for a 152/900" :shock: But I think that is out of the question for now. Those front mounted ERF's are expensive!!!! :cry:

Right now I am looking at a non-destructive mod, like the one seen here: ... -achromat/

BTW, is there a special distance I need to put the IR/UV filter at? In the mod above, the filter is close. But I have seen other mods where the filter is further up the tube.

So mod gurus, hit me with some knowledge! :D