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Baader Coronagraph IV

Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 6:14 pm
by allhoest
Hello again :-)

Here, a rare instrument for sale:
A Baader Mark IV Coronagraph
+ the passing optic.
+ ERF 60mm
+ X-Y excentrer

The optic a Zeiss D63mm F840mm.

Here some pics.
Feel free to ask more.
1000Eur + shipping
Payment in Eur over bank transfer (IBAN).

Contact per e-mail:

It looks that the borders are slowly opening. If so, can then ship from Germany.
Otherwise I’ll have to ship from Belgium, which may be significantly more expensive.
Sorry, but right now, because of the corona issue, I may not be able to ship out of Europe (Unless shipping via courier, which are expensive carriers).

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