Weird behaviour of AS3!

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Oh, I get it now!
Oh, I get it now!
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Weird behaviour of AS3!

Post by Bastelhannes »

Hi folks,

I get a strange behaviour in Autostakkert3!

Every SER-File i am recording creates a strange red border in AS3. Most of the time the are with image dta is only the right bottom quarter of the screen. The live image is full size nevertheless. It only happens in AS3.

This effect is independent of following parameters:
- change of USB ports: no change
- using different cameras: ASI174MM, ASI178MM, Touptek IMX183MM: same behaviour
- using different USB cable: same behaviour

What made a difference:
- using a different PC: perfect.

The SER-files are correct... SER players show all data.

Does anyone have an idea?
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Re: Weird behaviour of AS3!

Post by SassySun »

What setting do you have on image stabilization? I get results like this if it is Planet instead of Surface.

Also, I got similar results if tracking was bad (wind, casual knock on the mount...)

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Ohhhhhh My!
Ohhhhhh My!
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Re: Weird behaviour of AS3!

Post by Dennis »

Looks like you didnt select the "crop" option at the image stabilization options.

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