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Thank you members for a great fundraiser!

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:20 pm
by solarchat
Thank you incredible STEM donors for your awesome support in our 2016 fundraiser!! One anonymous person in the UK donated $7500! Didn't ask for anything, just wanted to help!

We raised $32,735 this year! While we did not reach our goal, it is certainly incredible that we can raise that much money on social media from such a tiny number of people. You know who you are, I have met most of you personally and I am extraordinarily grateful for your belief in me and support of the project. We are making a difference.

I am extraordinarily grateful for the die hard supporters that make this program function. 1.9% of our social media/internet forum supporters carried the program for everyone around the world. This is about average for a science fundraiser, unfortunately.

We spent $858.51 on (PayPal fees) fundraising so we are definitely in the top charities in the world as far as efficiency goes.

Here's the numbers from our 2600+ Solarchat! forum users, 7500+ Facebook group members, 550 Twitter followers, and 300 Google+ members...

213 donations for a total of $32,735
247 donations for a total of $44,532
197 donations for a total of $27,340
2013 and before no fundraiser.