TAKA FC100DZ for sun?

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Oh, I get it now!
Oh, I get it now!
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TAKA FC100DZ for sun?

Post by fedele »

is the doublet FC100DZ, with Fluorite internal side, a good choice for SUN observation and imaging?
Any risk? is a good choice in general?

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Re: TAKA FC100DZ for sun?

Post by marktownley »

Hi there,

The Tak seems an 'OK' performer for Ha and white light. For CaK there will be quite a bit of spherical aberration at full aperture and would only really recommend using at 50mm aperture.
fc-100dz-aberration.jpg (26.2 KiB) Viewed 203 times
fc-100dz-strehlratio.jpg (28.5 KiB) Viewed 203 times
If you have a cheap achro you would probably get better results. If you already have the Tak try it and see how you get on!


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Re: TAKA FC100DZ for sun?

Post by Highbury Mark »

I use an FC-100DC (F7.4) for white light observing with a Baader Herschel wedge and love it. Best results are with Zeiss OPMI microscope eyepieces (also TV Plossls are top drawer) with a Baader binoviewer, GPC and Barcon barlow combined to get up to 250x on the best days, which is enough to see remarkable detail in and around sunspots. No danger to the fluorite optics. The DZ would be an excellent performer too, though I think it really pays to use good quality ortho or plossl eyepieces, barlows and binoviewers for white light if you want to see detail close up. One thing Tak fluorites do well is hold together at high powers. I also use the Tak with a Quark - but at lower mags obviously.

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