150mm refractor+Lunt50

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Re: 150mm refractor+Lunt50

Post by GeorgeIonas »

Aleksey, do yo know how much "in focus" is required for the Lunt LS50Tha mod? This would be useful to know when doing this modification on a different scopes.


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Post by inhapi »

DO you have data on where the Lunt etalon or even better the nose peice that goes in the focuser in your mod is in reference to the orginal focal point of the donor OTA ?

Ho large is the solar image att the (new ) nosepeice ? Fron that I guess i can calculate the back(or in) focus needed for different F/7 OTA's

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Re: 150mm refractor+Lunt50

Post by Bastelhannes »

When did you buy the CFapo, Roman? We discovered a huge drop in image quality in the last 1.5 years with the CF-apo series.

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