Anular Solar eclipse and travel to Mexico

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Way More Fun to Share It!!
Way More Fun to Share It!!
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Anular Solar eclipse and travel to Mexico

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Yes we will have a nice anular solar eclipse crossing the Peninsula of Yucatan next year. If you get a place to stay in a good Hotel then I would say do it.

Perhaps I am a bit paranoid but being the situation in Mexico as it is, do not choose a cheap place away from big Tourist towns. Can be dangerous. OK, that is the actual situation and it could get better but it can also get much worse.

There are good hotels in the area of the Caribbean part of the Yucatan peninsula but choosing anything towards the Gulf of Mexico I would stay away from it.

I choose the look at it at my Place with 71.88% coverage ...

But it is up to you to take a decision ...

best regards Rainer

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regards Rainer

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Re: Anular Solar eclipse and travel to Mexico

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Thank you for the excellent advice ;)


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