A quick Saturday grab in 3nm CaK

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Ohhhhhh My!
Ohhhhhh My!
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A quick Saturday grab in 3nm CaK

Post by SolarMathmo »

Yesterday morning (25/5) was hard work to say the least. This is a 2k x 2k crop of the more interesting quadrant, taken with the Altair Wave 125, Hypercam 26M and Altair 3nm CaK filter, armed with a 1.6 Barlow to create a 4kx4k full disc with a square ROI.
Quadrant.png (4.62 MiB) Viewed 139 times
No speed up with that ROI - just removes the vignetted corners you get with a 1.25" filter and aps-c sensor. I set the scope overall to f/19.5, so had sub-critical sampling at 393.4nm.

I was experimenting with the Sharpcap Pro tracking and seeing tools. I used the seeing filtering which kept about 1/4 of the 120s runs at 14FPS in MONO8, so typically kept about 400 or so good-ish frames to send to Autostakkert, then stacked the best 7 (also tried 15,30, 60 - 7 was best).

Altair Wave 125mm
Altair & Baader Herschel wedges
Altair Hypercams 533M & 26M (FD) 174M (details)
Ioptron GEM45
Altair Triband D-ERF
Powermate 4X & APM 1.6
N.I.N.A. and Sharpcap for control on i5 minis.
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Re: A quick Saturday grab in 3nm CaK

Post by marktownley »

Nice quadrant!

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