Uneven illumination on mosaics

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Uneven illumination on mosaics

Post by Alto »

Hi all,

Can anyone suggest ways to reduce/remove uneven illumination on mosaics? I have a 21 pane pain that clearly shows 6 blotches, presumably where there's been a group of frames bunched. Looks almost like top side of a dice.

Pseudo flat as described elsewhere hasn't worked, but then I'm using Affinity Photo and not PS.


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Way More Fun to Share It!!
Way More Fun to Share It!!
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Re: Uneven illumination on mosaics

Post by rsfoto »

Please post some individual frames so we can look at them


regards Rainer

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Re: Uneven illumination on mosaics

Post by marktownley »

Proper flats will work Geoff, but if you're trying for the complete full disk then this wont work either.

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