Sell: ERF, AstroSolar, T2 Stuff, Telecentric, PST Mod, Taka FS128

VENDORS WELCOME! Please, only solar equipment.
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Sell: ERF, AstroSolar, T2 Stuff, Telecentric, PST Mod, Taka FS128

Post by allhoest » Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:10 pm

I'm selling some of my toys. Here, the equipment, which is most useful for solar observations.
More specially, I sell my Taka FS128 and its D168 ERF.
I check my private emails on the evening; some delay may occur.
Basically, the equipment is available in Belgium. I can ship from Belgium or from Germany.
I have the following other astro gears for sale, which will be posted in detail on specific forums.
I have listed them at the end. If you are interested, feel free to send an email.
Adapter Coronado SM60 -> Taka FS60 and Televue 101 (3 threads in total)
This adapter has the thread for the SM60 on one side
And 2 threads on the other side to accommodate:
- Either a Takahashi FS60
- Or a Televue NP101 ... 28_enh.jpg ... 40_enh.jpg

55 Eur

Daystar ERF 100mm

210 Eur

Euro EMC photographic Solar Filter - D= 207 mm, for 219-283 mm telescope tubes ... tubes.html

Used once only
New today: 95Eur
55 Eur

PST Mod adapter set
1° Adapter to be screwed in front of the Etalon
With short 2" nose and female T2 thread
2° Adapter to be screwed on the back of the Etalon
with T2 male exit thread
3° T2 to Blocking Filter adapter ... 41_enh.jpg ... 17_enh.jpg ... 41_enh.jpg ... 55_enh.jpg ... 03_enh.jpg ... 31_enh.jpg ... 39_enh.jpg

All 3 for 100 Eur

Baader Telecentric TZ2 ... 58_enh.jpg ... 45_enh.jpg ... 42_enh.jpg

200 Eur

T2-T2 X-Y Adapter ... 14_enh.jpg

40 Eur

CD "How to Become An Expert Solar Imager"

20 Eur

Energy Rejection Filter D168mm + Cell

The filter is originating from a refractor designed by Mr Lille
It should be a Baader filter.
It is mounted in a cell, which has a thread for the Takahashi FS128,
also the same thread as the dew shield.
The cell internal diameter: about 166mm
The cell external diameter: about 180mm

The following pics were taken with a taka FS128 ... 40_....jpg ... 66_....jpg ... 15_....jpg

The filter ... 4959_c.jpg ... 30_enh.jpg ... 59_enh.jpg ... 57_enh.jpg

Filter + Cell: 500 Eur

Takahashi FS128

The scope is available in the area of the 3 countries border Germany-Holland-Belgium (Aachen-Maastricht-Liège)
I would hate to ship it
I would give a preference to the buyer of the whole package,
including the later Reducer,
including the later Energy Rejection Filter

Pictures taken with the scope ... imagetext= ... imagetext= ... imagetext= ... imagetext= ... imagetext= ... 40_....jpg ... 66_....jpg ... 15_....jpg

The scope: ... enh_ar.jpg ... enh_Ar.jpg ... 37_enh.jpg ... 46_enh.jpg ... 07_enh.jpg ... 02_enh.jpg

Scope only (With 2" ouput):
+ High quality CNC rings
+ Microfocuser
3000 Eur

==== Other astro gears ====
Book: Setting-Up a Small Observatory
Book: Building a Roll-Off Roof Observatory
Baader EOS DSLR T-Ring T2 (incl. 2'' Filterholder!) #2458036
Storm case iM2700 (Lage)
Vixen Tube ring for 8" OTA + Dovetail
Adpater plate D~150 from Mach1 v1.0
Takahashi TOA/FS Focal Reducer
Takahashi Finderscope Big + illuminator
Teleskope Service APO 65Q
Berlebach tripod Planet / Mach1

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Re: Sell: ERF, AstroSolar, T2 Stuff, Telecentric, PST Mod, Taka FS128

Post by marktownley » Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:38 am

Lots of exciting things for sale - good luck!
Solar images, a collection of all the most up to date live solar data on the web, imaging & processing tutorials - please take a look!

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