1 angstrom 854.22 by apollo lasky

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1 angstrom 854.22 by apollo lasky

Post by TheSkyBurner » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:42 pm

Just thought i would inform the group, one of my side projects went way faster than expected. Was not supposed to announce this until november.

The 1 angstrom hard coated 854.22nm filter protype is now complete.

Od5 blocked 300 - 1500.

99% transmission on band.

This time it is dual cavity since i got so many complaints about the single cavity 393filter before shipping it.

No more arguing with me please. It solves nothing.

I still need to figure out the actual erf blocking system, so itis not for shipping yet.

Until then,

I will return with greater news. :movie

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