Test image with my wide-angle rig.

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Ohhhhhh My!
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Test image with my wide-angle rig.

Post by AstroBees »

I'm planning to shoot the eclipse with two rigs this April.
This is my "wide-angle" rig, a Canon 5Dm2 DSLR with a Canon 600mm f4 lens
This test image was taken at ISO200, 1/3200sec f5.6 with a Baader ASTF solar film filter. North is up in this image.
My question is this, Do you think this is wide enough to capture the entire corona if I'm doing 1sec exposures during totality? This is the full, un-cropped frame.

My second rig is going to be an E.S. 152 CF APO shooting at f8 (1220mm) with a ZWO2600. This rig will be for the closeups.

Lunt 80mm Ha double stack
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Flying dinosaur
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The Sun?
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Re: Test image with my wide-angle rig.

Post by Flying dinosaur »

Nice shot! Regarding the corona coverage, I’ve read it can reach out 6-8 solar diameters, so…

“While the sun itself is 864,938 miles (1.392 million kilometers) wide, NASA's Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, or STEREO, found that the solar atmosphere, known as the corona, stretches 5 million miles” (quoted from space.com)

Now being able to capture the fine distant portions of the Corona is a completely different story. I used a 300f4 on a 1.6 crop factor camera back in 2017, and will use the same set up this time. In 2017, the Sun was near solar minimum, the corona may not have been as big or interesting as it could be this year. Also, I only used one exposure setting for all my shots last time. This time I may change the settings up to overexpose in some shots, in hopes of “brightening” up distant tendrils. I’m still working out my plans for it…

christian viladrich
Way More Fun to Share It!!
Way More Fun to Share It!!
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Re: Test image with my wide-angle rig.

Post by christian viladrich »

Sounds good ;-)

I am planning to use a ZWO FF 80/600 with a Nikon Z7. So, same focal length with a full-frame camera. I run exposure times from 1/250 s to 1 s during totality.

Christian Viladrich
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Re: Test image with my wide-angle rig.

Post by thesmiths »

I'm planning on taking photos of the eclipse with an Askar FMA 180 (40mm aperture, 180mm focal length) with an APS-C crop sensor. That should give an extremely wide field of view (corona is likely going to be bigger than in 2017). My plan is to put it on a Vixen Polarie. I chose the FMA 180 because it is very light, has good optics and, unlike most camera lenses, you can lock the helical focuser with a screw. Probably the best way to focus modern camera lenses is just with autofocus -- they don't really have very good manual focus. I especially didn't like the idea that the focuser could get accidentally moved. So that's why I chose the FMA 180.

I'm also doing some last-minute experiments with my new Askar 65PHQ. This is has 65mm aperture and 416mm focal length. This is a really delightful telescope (there is an identical telescope from ZWO). I plan on taking this to Texas with me but not to do eclipse imaging but for another astronomical project. But for the reasons mentioned above, it would be a really nice eclipse lens.

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Re: Test image with my wide-angle rig.

Post by astroshot »

600mm is a good focal length for a full frame camera.

Michael in Kildare, Ireland.
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