Prominence timelapse videos from 19/5/2024

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Oh, I get it now!
Oh, I get it now!
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Prominence timelapse videos from 19/5/2024

Post by athornett »

I had an extensive solar session on 19th May 2024. Collected 732GB of data!!!
Managed to get best solar timelapses I have ever done - quite proud! Would welcome advice on how to make them better though.
What methods do people use for stacking? Mine was done with Photoshop automatically aligning whilst creating animation.
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see for more info.

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Re: Prominence timelapse videos from 19/5/2024

Post by Montana »

Terrific work, the middle one shows some interesting flow, well done :bow :hamster: :movie

I need to learn how to do Photoshop align because sometimes ImPPG just refuses to do it.

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Way More Fun to Share It!!
Way More Fun to Share It!!
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Re: Prominence timelapse videos from 19/5/2024

Post by rigel123 »

Nice animations Andy! Photoshop does a great job of aligning as long as there are clear surface features. You can see that in your first animation. When the disk is more blown out, as in your next two animations it struggles, and in these cases you might try ImPPG for alignment as it handles the blown out disk better than PS.

Alexandra, aligning in Photoshop is simply selecting File/Scripts/Load Files into Stack, select all your files from Browse in the pop up box and then check the Attempt to Automatically Align button. As I mentioned, if you have surface features in your images it typically does a fantastic job of alignment. If it is proms with a blown out disk it typically fails.


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Re: Prominence timelapse videos from 19/5/2024

Post by marktownley »

Nice videos thanks Andy!

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