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these are all of the great references that our users have shared with others.

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Recommended Reading

Post by Merlin66 » Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:56 pm

"Guide to the Sun" by Kenneth H.J. Phillips, Cambridge, 1995 ... un&f=false

"The Sun Kings" by Stuart Clark, Princeton Uni. Press, 2007

"Astrophysics of the Sun" by Harold Zirin, Cambridge University press, 1988

"Fundamentals of Solar Astronomy" by Arvind Bhatnagar, World Scientific series, 2005

"The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Sun" by K.R.Lang, CUP, 2001

"The Sun, Our Star" by Robert W Noyes, Harvard Uni Press, 1982

"The Sun" by C.A. Young, Keegan Paul Trench & Co, 1882

Andy Deveny's recommended list: ... 4&Itemid=8
"Astronomical Spectroscopy - The Final Frontier" - to boldly go where few amateurs have gone before ... scopy/info
"Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs" and
"Imaging Sunlight - using a digital spectroheliograph" - Springer

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